1. IDK Pistol Pete (ft. The Epitome) 3:30
  2. Hard Times Kansas City Pistol Pete (ft. Mackenzie Umscheid) 3:20
  3. Whole City Know Pistol Pete (ft. Lindsay Alderman) 2:30
  4. Away Pistol Pete (ft. Butterfli) 2:40
  5. Settling (Skit) Pistol Pete 1:26
  6. 3am Pistol Pete 1:49
  7. Tom & Jerry (Skit) Pistol Pete (ft. Domineko) 1:16
  8. Think I'm Back Pistol Pete 3:30
  9. Neva Change Pistol Pete 2:48

"Hard Times Kansas City"

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The Sweep

Artist :
Title : The Sweep
Release Date : September 7, 2020
Format : Digital Download

The Sweep is a roller coaster ride. It starts out warm & fun with tracks like “Hard Times Kansas City” & “Joy” but then turns ominous with songs like “Away” & “Whole City Know” – which then turns back upward & hopeful. The Sweep is a full catalog of Pistol Pete. Check out The Sweep!