1. Dream For The Team (Prod. by Squibs) Pistol Pete 3:21
  2. Give it Time (Prod. by The Abnorm) Pistol Pete 3:14
  3. Chiefs Nation (Prod. by Squibs) Pistol Pete 2:48
  4. Hard to Care (Prod. by Tom Witcher) Pistol Pete 3:20
  5. Just Livin (Prod. by Corbett) Pistol Pete 2:53
  6. One Crazy Night (Prod. by Squibs) Pistol Pete 3:27
  7. Speakers Pop (Prod. by Squibs) Pistol Pete 2:24
  8. Cant Guarantee Much (Prod. by EDUBBY) Pistol Pete (ft. Second Hand King) 2:40
  9. Now Ya Know (Prod by. AKAY47 & EDUBBY) Pistol Pete (ft. Twill) 2:14

Featured Video: "Chiefs Nation"

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Artist :
Title : Mayday
Release Date : May 1, 2015
Format : Digital Download

Mayday is a good display of Pistols younger work. He collaborates with Squibs & E Weibel to create bangers like Dream for the Team, Chiefs Nation & Now Ya Know.